Every revolution needs a leader.

With decades (and decades) of FAA-regulated engine and quality manufacturing experience, Avanti’s leadership team has the experience to help your mission succeed.


When you woke up this morning, what was on your mind?

 At Avanti, we woke up excited by the potential unmanned systems and industrial drones bring. Instead of coffee, we fully drank the unmanned kool-aid and are strong believers in the industrial drone revolution.

 The future is bright and the benefits of unmanned solutions are great. Please call us today to see how we can help you achieve your mission objectives.

The power to move you.

On our Power Systems side, we offer an array of truly aviation-grade gasoline engines specifically designed to meet the performance, efficiency and reliability needs of an array of commercial and industrial airborne, terrestrial and surface marine unmanned vehicles. We are passionate about extending range, expanding weight and about providing unrivaled aerospace quality drone/UAV engines to meet the exacting needs of the unmanned industry.

Engines from Avanti Unmanned Systems are true, commercial engines made from the highest-quality, aviation grade materials and assembled with painstaking precision to deliver unrivaled performance, reliability, and efficiency. If the FAA ever certifies UAS engines, these will be the ones that set the standards.

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 We can help. Please give us a chance to get to know you and to understand your needs to see if we have a solution to make your job easier.

The intelligence to protect you.

On our Security Systems side, while the rapid deployment of a plethora of unmanned systems (the FAA projects nearly three million UAS vehicles by 2022) offers never-before-possible benefits, in the wrong hands they also introduce new, unimaginable risks. We care deeply about maximizing the good UAVs offer while offering solutions that can mitigate the dangers to keep people, property, and airspace safe.

 We have partnered with a world-leading anti-drone/counter UAV technology provider for high-reliability drone detection and security risk mitigation options providing an easily deployable, non-transmitting passive RF-based system that provides an effective counter drone/drone detection solution which has proven effective in a variety of small and large-scale implementations. We offer a cost-effective option for high-accuracy situational awareness including drone detection, drone tracking/monitoring and counter drone options such as drone removal from airspace and pinpoint pilot tracking for law enforcement.

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Leadership Team

Tim Archer

Tim Archer


A 40-year veteran of the aerospace industry, Tim has served as Executive VP, President, CEO, Chairman and Board Director in numerous general aviation companies. Tim’s wealth of expertise with FAA certification processes, global supply chains and quality control systems and specifically his deep experience with FAA regulated engine and powerplant manufacturing and distribution is unmatched and brings to Avanti a highly disciplined, quality centered approach to the emerging unmanned space.

During his career, Tim has traveled and worked in more than 50 countries doing international business development, sales and marketing, manufacturing management and acquisition due diligence.

Jimmy Tubbs

Jimmy Tubbs

Chief Technical Officer

An Aerospace Engineer, A&P mechanic, FAA/NTSB Approved Accident Investigator and licensed pilot, Jimmy Tubbs has been serving the aerospace industry for over 50 years.

For much of his career, he has developed modifications and certifications to convert and build piston engines and powerplant component parts. He has traveled to meet and work with aerospace vendors in over a dozen different countries.

Prior to Avanti, he worked as the VP of Engineering for Danbury Aerospace Inc, before Danbury was acquired by Continental Motors. Jimmy also spent 17 years working as a civilian engineer for the US Air Force where he helped develop a number of technical programs.

Chris Goodman

Chris Goodman


Chris has over 20 years of leadership experience in sales, marketing, finance, and business growth – including participation in several Silicon Valley startups—in high-quality, high-reliability systems development and manufacturing (including global communications infrastructure and large scale databases). For six years he was also Chief Marketing Officer at Social Sector Ventures, a holding company with a portfolio of five companies in the analytic-driven marketing space. While at Social Sector, Chris led strategy, marketing, and financial planning for all operating companies. He loves combining his detailed, analytic nature with his creative marketing skills, to solve difficult business challenges. He has lived and worked abroad in Europe and Asia and traveled to more 35 countries for business.

  • As CEO, leading Superior to obtain FAA Type Certificate on a new piston engine – the first company outside of the two OEMs to do this in more than 50 years.
  • As CEO, guiding Superior to move from a parts manufacturing company (PMA) to an engine manufacturer and original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  • Developing business opportunities in the Soviet Union before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
  • Heading up Teledyne Continental Motors international sales and marketing department.
  • Member of the Teledyne Continental Motors Executive Leadership Council.
  • Instrumental in getting the first western-world GA piston aircraft engine certified by the Russian Aviation Registry.
  • As VP Sales and Marketing, leading Superior Air Parts to highest revenues and earnings in company history.

leading teams, building a business and driving sales in previously untapped international markets; blending technical expertise with customer insight to capitalize on new opportunities; building cross-cultural relationships with business leaders and regulatory agencies, and managing day-to-day manufacturing operations to exceed financial goals.

  • Registered Professional Engineer in Texas.
  • A&P mechanic and licensed pilot with over 3000 flight hours.
  • Developed more than 20 special mission Supplemental Type Certificates for aerial photography, remote sensing, and fire warning systems.
  • Developed the SUU-21A, a bomb dispenser used for training by the Air Force.
  • Developed the F-102 compressor stall program for the US Air Force.
  • Led the Air Force program to convert T-38 supersonic trainers to air combat trainers by adding gun sights and the ability to fire rockets and drop training bombs.
  • Owned Daily Tubbs Aero Inc., where he sold aircraft engine parts, developed special mission modifications and special repairs, and provided engineering support to numerous aircraft companies.

developing programs and leading teams as an Engineering Supervisor. Working with government regulatory agencies to facilitate projects. Building business across borders by working with international teams to design and improve parts for piston engines and component parts.

  • Successfully completed five merger and acquisition transactions
  • Launched two Software as a Service (SaaS) companies: Affinaquest, a CRM system built on salesforce.com and 2Dialog, a marketing automation platform
  • Led a digital marketing business turn-around resulting in a stable business and growing revenue 30% in less than 8 months.
  • Helped launch VoIP technology which subsequently transformed the global communications industry
  • Participated in the deregulation of European telecommunications in the late ’90s and the launch of 3G wireless technology in Europe
  • Grew income for BSF, a publishing organization, 29% a year, 4 years in a row
  • Has successfully managed large business partnerships including IBM, Salesforce.com, Ericsson, Sun Microsystems.

merger/acquisition strategy and business-value maximization planning; financial planning and modeling; revenue growth strategic planning; architecting and executing programs for sales and marketing; launching new products and expanding products into new territories.