The FAA Projects more than 7 million drones in the US by 2020

And while the rapid deployment of a plethora of unmanned systems offers never-before possible benefits, in the wrong hands they offer unimaginable risks. New world threats require real-world solutions.


Our signals intelligence-based hardware and software systems offer proven, reliable technology to protect your most critical people, property, assets, and airspace.

Unrivaled Quality

Passed multiple lab and operational tests

Unmatched Performance

Proven sensitivity, pinpoint accuracy and fast throughput performance

Actionable Data

Unique, high-quality aerial intelligence to support informed decisions



Real-time situation awareness provides an accurate picture to remove the guesswork and latency out of mitigation actions


Our systems offer an innovative, strong value (we’re not the cheapest, nor are we anywhere near the most expensive solutions) passive RF-based solution for drone detection, tracking and mitigating threats. We provide high-accuracy, high-reliability systems capable of tracking multiple threats simultaneously. We also offer mitigation solutions that include drone-hijacking, safe removal, and geolocation of drone pilots for law enforcement.

High Accuracy
never miss a risk target

High Reliability
zero false alarms

Scalable Coverage Area
systems can grow and scale as your needs do

Mass Target Capacity
the ability to detect, track and mitigate multiple targets simultaneously

Density Independent
systems work in dense urban environments as well as sparse rural areas

Mobile & Fixed Coverage
systems can protect fixed, constant areas or can be setup up for movable/mobile coverage areas

Non-Transmitting (Undetectable), Fully Passive RF Technology
our systems do not transmit a signal that can be detected by bad actors, is not a signal jammer and is not a “gun” you fire at a target

Long-Range Detection & Geolocation
our systems detect and precisely geolocate threats prior to entering your airspace

Securing Your World/Applications

The rapid increase of drone/UAV availability and expansion of operations is accelerating the need for anti-drone/counter UAV solutions to improve safety and security. Avanti’s technology offerings help meet a variety of small and large security needs:


  • Airport Safety & Security: safety is the number one priority for large and small airports globally. Emerging threats from accidental or malicious UAV operations threaten the lives of passengers, crew and airport staff as well as the safety of people and property.
  • Prisons: drones are increasingly being used to illegally smuggle drugs, weapons, and other contraband into prisons around the world.
  • Critical Assets: the growing risks to public safety and national security due to malicious targeting of critical assets pose local, regional and national threats which must be mitigated.


  • Public Safety: the increasing quantity and operating activity of UAVs is also increasing the risks for local and national law enforcement and the need to protect large public gatherings such as Sporting events, marathons, parades, concerts and other public events such as 4th of July gatherings or Christmas festivals.
  • Emergency Response: from California wildfires to local active shooter situations, ignorant or intention drone operations are hindering first responders and emergency operations.
  • Corporate Security: growing sophistication in areas of corporate espionage as well as executive security and privacy are threatening companies globally (examples include: trade secrets, brand reputation or sensitive merger or acquisition discussions).

Avanti’s Security Systems provide high-reliability counter drone/anti-UAS solutions to protect people, property, and airspace.

Let us help you understand the costs and operational activities to meet your drone security challenges.