Designed for Demanding Needs of Unmanned Systems

Manufactured with the precision tolerances and
true aviation-grade quality for superior performance.


Our array of ruggedized, commercial engines are made from the highest-quality, aviation grade materials manufactured to exacting tolerances and assembled with painstaking precision to deliver unrivaled performance, reliability, and efficiency. Our leadership team has decades of experience in the design, manufacturing, and support of FAA-certified piston aircraft engines.


  •  Crankcases machined from aviation-grade aluminum billets provide greater strength and durability in high-stress areas. They are also less prone to bearing boss fretting.
  • Crankshafts machined from aviation-grade nickel-chromoly steel forgings provide superior strength and durability.
  • Bearings are manufactured from commercial aviation-grade metals delivering greater stress/load carrying capabilities and increased reliability.
  • Connecting rods are made of heat-treated alloy steel forgings for greater strength.
  • Needle bearing races use hardened roller bearing steel, precision machined to the tightest tolerances in the industry for higher load carrying capacity and improved longevity.
  • Crankpin and crankshaft bores are nitride treated to create excellent surface properties, which increase load carrying capacity and durability.
  • Piston rings are spun cast from high-quality aviation-grade alloy to ensure maximum durability and sealing characteristics.

Engine Series Options

Available in Carbureted or Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) versions

Available in Air Cooled or Water Cooled versions

Available with Starter/Alternator or without Starter/Alternator

Please let us help you select the best Avanti Unmanned Systems engine for your UAV project, or to see details, please choose a gasoline engine series below.

32cc Series

  • 3.8 HP
  • 1 Cylinder
  • 2 Stroke
  • Air Cooled
  • Fuel: 93 Octane


58cc Series

  • 6 HP
  • 1 Cylinder
  • 2 Stroke
  • Air Cooled
  • Fuel: 93 Octane


64cc Series

  • 7.2 HP
  • 2 Cylinder, Boxer/In-Line
  • 2 Stroke
  • Air Cooled
  • Fuel: 93 Octane

116cc Series

  • 12 HP
  • 2 Cylinder, Boxer/In-Line
  • 2 Stroke
  • Air Cooled
  • Fuel: 93 Octane

180cc Series

  • 18.5 HP
  • 2 Cylinder, Boxer
  • 2 Stroke
  • Air Cooled
  • Fuel: 93 Octane


EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)

While our Walbro™ carburetor offers excellent performance, our EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) systems can significantly lower operating costs (often 20%-40% improvements) through better fuel efficiency with fine-tuned adjustments and lower maintenance needs. Our EFI systems also provide easier starts, smoother operations and the ability to operate regardless of orientation. System includes:
  • ECU (Engine Control Unit)
  • 24/28V Power Controller
  • Fuel Pump


The combined Starter+Alternator system attaches to the propeller shaft providing electrical power for the starter as well as powering the electrical system for accessories such as the cooling system, a pump for liquid cooled engines, or even charging batteries in hybrid UAV engine applications.

UAV/UAS/Drone Applications

When you look at the emerging opportunities of the commercial drone/UAS industry it becomes clear that there is no “one size fits all” solution. There are just too many variables.

    For example, if you require the power to carry heavy loads, longer distances (range extension for BVLOS) with greater loiter times, battery power just won’t cut it. Maybe someday, but not today.

    Avanti’s family of gasoline engines cost-effectively solve these problems. Designed for an array of drone/UAV applications, they offer the power-to-weight ratios, superior reliability, fuel efficiency, rugged construction and ease of operation required by a wide variety of industries including:


    Infrastructure inspections

    in situations such as wildfires, avalanche, missing parties and more.

    Security and surveillance

    including public safety and law enforcement for concerts, parades, arenas, and sporting events.

    3D and GPS mapping

    including construction and mining operations, forestry, pollution, and others.

    Search and Rescue

    in situations such as wildfires, avalanche, missing parties and more.


    delivering supplies like food, parts or other important resources to near coastal ships and platforms.


    Freight and package delivery

    heavier packages or multi-stop delivery applications.

    Agriculture and Spraying

    from crops to buildings treatments, heavy payloads require more power.

    Video production and photography

    for situations when stability (ie weight) is critical.

    Hybrid Power Solutions

    If your specific mission profile requires a gasoline/electric hybrid solution, Avanti’s family of piston gasoline engines are your best choice.

    The combination of our piston engines’ size, efficiency, power-to-weight-ratio, and built-in electric starter/alternator, add up to the ideal dedicated motor generator to charge the vehicle’s batteries or possibly directly power the motor.

    Surface Marine or Terrestrial Applications

    Our family of drone/UAV engines are designed and manufactured to deliver unparalleled endurance, reliability, and performance under the harshest environmental conditions. This includes the caustic oceanic environments required for unmanned surface marine engine operations as well as extreme weather (arctic cold or desert heat) or long run time operations for terrestrial unmanned systems.

    This kind of durability is only achieved through adhering to the strictest design and machining tolerances and then using the most modern manufacturing techniques and commercial aviation-grade materials to make components that set the industry standard for quality and durability.